Nick FitzPatrick

I am focussed especially upon the universal human experience of being catastrophically ill-equipped for existence in the dense jungle of reality.

My intellectual approaches are informed by my interests in mathematics, the natural sciences, and philosophy. My professional history within commercialised “creative practices” such as photography and graphic design often influences the formal qualities of my work.

It is my intention to maintain a mode of practice that, to the fullest extent possible:
- acknowledges its agency and complicity within the manifold systems that produce it; and
- operates with integrity, responsibility and purpose both in relation to those systems, and within itself.

My work can, to a degree, be understood as pragmatic and utilitarian. In exploring the limits and deficiencies of human endeavour and knowledge, I find solace in moments of black comedy, and ultimately seek a path towards the self-effacing dignity of Socratic ignorance.
(+61) 0455 445 260
Boorloo, Australia.
Ruby in Issey Miyake, 2022
from Death Mask, 2021