Performed, produced and mixed by Derek Piotr. Bass clarinet by David Elkin-Ginnetti. Mastered by Antye Greie-Ripatti. Video by Nick FitzPatrick.

Derek: Working on Homelands with Nick was a rewarding experience. For me, the track is tied directly to my own dealings with Homeland Security, as well as the inherent mystery of my own roots. If any of us close our eyes and reach spiritually back to where our ancestors were placed, there is an intrinsic veil hanging before that space. I can only hope I captured that feeling in accuracy sonically; but I feel confident in saying Nick certainly conveyed this visually.

Nick: Homelands is situated chronologically and stylistically between Derek's efforts on Bahar and Drono. The transition from structure to chaos recalls the union at infinity of the discrete and the continuous. Sine flexes, waves erode.